Samuel Bos - Bright Lights

Ethon - Contemplation In Public Labraries

Daniel Kersting - Unverwandt

The Missing Page - Colourful Life

Uhlenbrock Project - Grounded

Tokenboy - Songs From The Humdrum


OMC (Open Music Contest)

Uhlenbrock Project - Break Out

Samuel Bos - Wide Awake

Uhlenbrock Project - Cut The Ropes


Gießener Rundfunk

Fritz Radio (Track Back)

Blu-Ray/DVD - Colourful Life, The Missing Page

Fritz Radio (Unsigned)

Blu-Ray/DVD - Grounded, Uhlenbrock Project


Dreamland Recording Studio

Marburg Records

Toolhouse Studios

Northroad Recording Studios


HfM Detmold

Robert Powilleit Mixing & Mastering

Die Tonbox